About ME


"Selfie Look" March 2019

Digital drawing, Self-portrait. Part of "Language" Challenge.

Kirenna is a Russian born and raised artist, based in Shenzhen, China. Self taught photographer, she is currently exploring drawing with regular and digital pen. 

Curious about digital tools and social media, Kirenna captures colours, textures and lines to express moods and reflect on ways digital world frames our behaviour.


Cycling. Digital art.

I love a variety things to do and some of my favourite are - reading, chilling on beach, swimming, eating, cooking, drawing, knitting, cycling! Not all in that order.

Love making software and equipment do fancy digital tricks. Although, at times nothing beats a good trusted pencil.


The legendary crossroads at Clarksdale, Mississippi. Pencil drawing.

Planet Earth.

It has so happened that I live between countries and a number of homes. Moving around the places gives so much spark and inspiration, among other things.

Beauty of the internet is that it allows to be as flexible as one can push the limits. 

Lucky to have traveled a lot, there is still more to come. Can't wait to see what's next.